Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some Serious GLOW - Iconic London Illuminator

Wow - are you seeing this glow?! I love this product. It's even more intense in real life. If you're looking for the most intense highlight on the market - this is it.

Even Becca's Champagne Pop and Makeup Forever's Pro Fusion Highlighter don't compare to this and that's saying a lot! Those are two very intense highlighters. As for the product itself, it can be a bit tricky to apply as you need to work with it very fast before it starts drying out, otherwise you'll be left with a very noticeable line of product. I like to first apply bronzer on my cheeks since the highlighter is a bronzey shade itself, then place it with my finger on the areas where I want to highlight, and finally blend the edges with a wet beauty blender. The product will also last you a very long time as very little is needed per application so the value for money is fine (~€50). However, please keep in mind that it's of a liquid consistency so it's not everlasting and will expire.

The only thing I'm slightly unimpressed with is the fact that if I'm paying €50 for a product like this, I really do expect the brand and product name to be printed onto the packaging and not onto a cheap sticker that's not even placed well. However, that's really no big deal because the product itself is so amazing and is what obviously matters - just a slight annoyance for me as I'm quite particular when it comes to my makeup ;)

A kiss from Tallinn! xx


  1. Kiva postaus! Ootko kokeillut Lumenen vastaavaa tuotetta? Olisi kiva kuulla sun ajatuksia Lumenen tuotteesta tai vertailusta näiden välillä :)


    1. En ole! Mikä tän tuotteen nimi on? Täytyy tsekata! ;)

    2. Invisible illumination on sarjan nimi!

  2. Mikä kamera sulla on käytössä? Hyvän laatusia kuvia :)


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