Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Favorite Body Moisturiser (INEXPENSIVE) - Nivea Nourishing Intensive Moisturising Care

I've been using this product for about half a year now and my skin has never been in a better condition - I haven't experienced any dryness ever since using it. I've used numerous other moisturisers and creams, high and low end, that promise intense hydration but nothing compares to this one.
The best part is that it retails anywhere from 2-5€ so you can slather yourself in it without feeling guilty. With most body moisturisers, especially low end ones, I feel as if my skin stays moisturised for a couple hours but then it's back to square one. Ofcourse, it's important to remember that internal hydration is most important but a good moisturiser surely does help out. This product leaves my skin feeling and looking great - very hydrated with a beautiful healthy glow. That glow is actually no joke! It's so nice that I haven't even bothered using shimmery lotions because this has a similar effect. Be sure to purchase the one that's particularly directed to "dry to very dry skin" because the other ones aren't as potent.
The consistency is thick and slightly oily. Yes, you will need to wait a moment for it to dissolve but it won't leave you oily and sticky, only hydrated.

Let me know what're your favorite moisturisers!

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  1. Oi tämä täytyykin siis ostaa itselle käyttöön!<3


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