Thursday, January 12, 2017

Common Beauty Mistakes VIDEO

Hiii! I decided to make a video on common beauty mistakes I see all the time. I touch base on bronzer application, winged eyeliner, highlighter, dry shampoo, overdrawn lips etc. All of these are easily avoidable and preventable.

Enjoy! xx


  1. In no way, shape or form am I trying to be negative but I think make up has no rules. Make up is about having fun, experimenting and being creative. If somebody wants to be a bronzed af goddess and overdose on it cause it makes them happy I think it should be allowed.. idk.. just my thoughts because I don't really understand "makeup mistakes" .. make up is a way for people to express themself how ever they would like with out being judged that they have a certain product on too much, or highlighter is out too low or whatever..

    1. And I agree aswell. Beauty - any procedures or the use of products all really come down to making ourselves feel good and preferences are very individual in the beauty world, which I have stated on many of my posts and that applies to this one too. As a beauty blogger, my blog revolves around makeup tips that're from my own personal perspective. I am not by any means saying that my opinions, perspectives, styles or techniques are "rules" or "the correct way" because that's non-existent. I'm sure theres a lot of people who don't like my styles and techniques and some would consider them "wrong" and that's completely fine.

  2. Tää oli just hyvä! Odotin et listaisit jotain perus "liian oranssi meikkivoide ja liikaa meikkiä" -juttuja, mut tässähän oli paljon muitakin!

  3. Kiitos naamakarvojen mainitsemisesta. Näyttää tosi kamalalta, jos on muutoin siisti meikki ja sitten puuteri on tarrannut ylähuulen karvoihin. Tosin naamakarvoja ei saa sheivata, vaan pitää käyttää pinsettejä tai vahaa. Kukaan ei halua sänkeä ylähuuleensa! Nyppiminen sattuu aluksi niin että silmät vuotaa, mutta ajan kanssa naamavillat irtoaa kevyemmin ja ilman kyyneleitä. Karvat onnistuu saalistamaan parhaiten luonnonvalossa tai tosi armottomassa loisteputkivalaistuksessa.

    In English: Thank you for mentioning facial hair. Powder makes them even more visible. Never shave, always use tweezers or wax them off. Hurts like hell at first.

    With love,


  4. Mulla olisi toivepostaus Tallinnassa asumisesta. Millaista on verrattuna Suomessa asumiseen, suosikkipaikkojasi jne. Olisi mahtavaa :)

  5. Lausu ennemmän skälp kuin skalp, kuulostaa tosi väärältä.


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