Monday, December 26, 2016

My Year 2016 Highlights

Reflecting back on this year I can't say anything other than wow. The past 12 months have been filled with a lot of laughter but also with tears. This will be a really long post and I wish I could make it even longer because so much has happened and I have so many photos I'd like to share, but I hope these photos speak for themselves. Let me tell you though! Narrowing down thousands of photos to ~10 is no easy task.
Wow what a rise of emotions it was going through all of my photos from the past 12 months. I broke down this year but that's what it took to truly find myself, peace and happiness. I wouldn't take anything back nor do anything differently. I've caught myself complaining a few times that I want my life to be more calm and consistent but to tell you the truth, routine bores me and I strive off crazyness.
You never know what's behind the corner so cherish every moment, forgive, love and appreciate your life and the people in it for nothing is set in stone nor permanent in this life. Things can change completely in a blink of an eye. I am so grateful for so many things, especially for my amazing friends.
This year I got really into living a healthy lifestyle and my body and mind has never felt better. Doing exercise is one of the few things in life that with absolute certainty you won't regret lol.
Oh my goodness! Say hi to Pamela! She's my friend's baby girl. We lived next to each other during the spring so I was her second mommy. Let me tell you though, this little ball of cuteness and love transformed to a monster during the day time. At my place she liked to play all kinds of games, such as running around sticking her tongue in all of my electricity sockets.
I visited some stunning places. Rome is such a beauty of true class. The history and architecture of the city is breathtaking.
I have never seen anything as beautiful and powerful as the Vatican. The energy I felt in there is quite something - my whole body was covered in goosebumps throughout the whole time.
IMG_1011 IMG_6702
Staying by the Bosphorus in Istanbul will make your soul rest. So damn beautiful. The Four Season's terrace is a must! The country's situation is really heartbreaking though... Luckily, I dodged the numerous attacks that happened around the same time I was there.
A beautiful dinner and night at the Ciragan Palace. I'll remember this night forever.
What better way to end the summer than by having some rosé @ Eden Roc in Antibes! This place is stunning.
And ofcourse last but not least I refound my love for makeup and blogging!
This year I've found some great products that have become staples in my collection and some really amazing products were launched. I'll be doing a 2016 beauty favorites posts.
The Huda Beauty palette was launched! This palette is just something else - worth the wait and it truly exceeded my expectations (a post is on its way!).
Thank you to you my readers for sticking with me and my shenanigans throughout the past year. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones and I wish you all health, wealth and happiness for the next year.

A kiss from Helsinki! xx


  1. Ihania kuvia ja hetkiä! Toivottavasti sullakin oli rentouttava ja rakkaudentäyteinen joulu :) Nauti lomasta Helsingissä kaunokainen!

    xx Karo

  2. Mistä ja millon ostettu sun uv illan mekko? <3

    1. River Islandista joku muutama kk sitten! <3

  3. Heyyy girl what are those glorious lipstick shades called? 😍😍

    1. Girl! they're Faux, Honey Love, Blankety and Velvet Teddy


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