Sunday, November 20, 2016

Professional Makeup Brushes - Amazing Sigma Beauty Discounts 22.11-13.12

A good makeup application simply cannot be done without good makeup brushes. You can use products that are of bad quality and have your makeup turn out great due to the tools you're using but it doesn't work the other way around! The majority of my brushes are from Sigma Beauty and for a reason. Sure - some have been sent to me but most of them I've bought with my own money. These brushes are meant for professional use and are of excellent quality but yet retail at decent prices. I own a lot of MAC brushes which I've paid very high prices for and these brushes are of the exact same quality but half the price. For example, my favorite blending brush for eyeshadow retails for $32 at MAC, whereas at Sigma Beauty it's $17. Holler.

SO I just got notified on some amazing deals and sales Sigma is having for the next two weeks and I thought I'd tip you guys off. For ex., -25% on all products and free international shipping or -30% on all products and a free brush cup sound like pretty darn good deals to me (all the deals are listed in detail below)! Sigma has these discounts once a year for a few days so make sure you don't miss them. Now is really the time to get a nice makeup brush set if you've been thinking about it!
Here's my in-depth post I did on makeup brushes a couple years ago and below are all the great deals. Enjoy, beauties!

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