Friday, November 11, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Master Palette by Mario Review

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite eyeshadow palette: The Master Palette by Mario. I have waited for so long for Mario Dedivanovic to launch or collaborate with a company on a product like this and so I spent a good day on Anastasia's websites hitting the refresh button in order to get my hands on it the first moment it became available. If you don't know who he is - he is a celebrity makeup artist and he is the Kardashian's makeup artist - you may not like the Kardashians but look me in the eye and tell me you don't admire their flawless makeup, HA! He's a real trendsetter in the beauty world - Countouring? Nudes? Golds? Bronzes? Anyone? I have followed him for years and I get a lot of my ideas, style, techniques and inspiration from him and his work.
As for the palette, it's like his work compressed into the form of a palette - these are the kinds of shades he uses on his clients (Hello Kim!). The shades are also very trendy and versatile - it contains the currently much in favor rose golds and warm red based shades alongside your much required bronzey champagnes. It's perfect for natural or super glam looks. The only downfall for me is the absence of a very light highlight shade and a dark brown/black matte shade but the palette is so great that it doesn't bother me.IMG_3787 copy
Neutrals heaven indeed! The quality of these shadows are impeccable. They are all true to their color, highly pigmented, long lasting, easy to blend and really adhere onto the lid once placed on it. My biggest irritant with matte shades in general is how they either don't distribute evenly or/and disappear off the lid once you start blending them. Fortunately, these matte shades don't possess any of those qualities - they're very buttery and pigmented. Generally speaking of backfire with shimmery shades, for me, it's them being very dry and the powder particles not being dense, resulting in a lot of fallout and the shadow not adhering properly onto the lid. The shimmery shades on this palette are almost moist and creamy resulting in a flawless distribution of shimmer.IMG_3400
I have to conclude by saying that this is my favorite eyeshadow palette by far! The next palette I'm getting my hands on is the Huda Beauty - Rose Gold Edition and I'll review it the moment I get it. Let's see if that will take the leading place.
For this look I used the shades ISABEL, VIOLETA, KIM, MUSE, MARINA and 5TH AVE

P.S. HOW white am I? I could blend in with the snow. I have to say though what I enjoy about being this white is how all makeup products show nicely and true to color on the face lol - it's satisfying.

Peace out xx
XOXO, Ella


  1. NAINEN <3 Ihana postaus ja niin kaunis sinä! Welcome back <3

  2. Gorgeous! Good to have you back <3

    x Charlotta /

  3. ihana meikki! tykkään kovasti myös tän blogin lifestyle-postauksista, myös treeni/ruokajuttuja olis kiva kuulla :) kiva että oot palannut.

    1. Kiitos, Säde! Ihana kuulla :) tnää itseasias tiedossa fitnessrutinii videoa!

  4. Huippua, kun olet palannut! Onko tämä Marion paletti niin hyvä, että kannattaa ostaa Ebaysta? Suomeen sen saisi n. 70 eurolla. Gaaah, sä olet saanut super ihanan lookin aikaan. Me wants too.

    1. Thanksiee! Mielestäni on kyllä 70 arvoinen ;)


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